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Boutique marketing firms are more cost-effective allowing a business to invest more in a marketing plan. In-house staff, facilities, systems, training, and benefits can deplete a marketing budget, where larger agencies may be too expensive for small and medium business.


Smaller marketing firms are often business ventures formed by experienced industry professionals across a wide array of specialities, bringing unique talents and backgrounds into an environment where more innovation and free creativity is encouraged. This means working with a pool of experts possessing broad skillsets in multiple disciplines. It also brings a more fluid continuity across all platforms and campaigns, as well as scalability on demand.


Smaller firms have shorter client lists and make more time available to build personal relationships among the team members and the client. Also, it often means access to everyone involved with the marketing process when and if needed leading to a more authentic exchange of ideas. Often, the marketing firm’s owner is also the business’ leader and a member of the team, bringing a unique skill set combining business acumen and creativity.